This week we visited Barcelona Science Park, where we will hold the XXII Jornadas de la Sociedad Epsañola de Garantía de Calidad en Investigación next month of November.

The Barcelona Science Park (PCB) is located at the University Campus shared by the Barcelona University and the Barcelona Tech University, on either side of Diagonal Avenue. The PCB houses a high number of firms, as well as R + D centers and other entities related to the biomedical, environment, TIC and agrí-food sectors.

At the PCB we find not only the Auditorium Antoni Caparrós, which can hold up to 150 people, but also other meeting venues, which often organise congresses and scientific meetings. Both the auditorium and the venues count with multimedia equipment and catering areas.

We are really looking forward to this project, as it is the first one we celebrate at the PCB. We hope it will be the first of many more!

*Images provided by PCB

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