On March, 20, we celebrated the biggest event of Crea Congresos to date. A gala dinner for 1.000 people!

A Group of 1.000 thai people attended the dinner, after winning an incentive trip to Barcelona, through an American company that sells nutritional supplements.

The event was held at the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB), and included a flamenco show.

During all the months that we have been preparing this event, we have had the opportunity to work closely to the Marketing and the Production Department of the CCIB, with whom we have had a very good relationship, and with whom we hope to work again soon.

After such a long time of work and coordination all the actors involved in this event, we are very pleased with the result, everything turned out as planned, and the guests enjoyed a magical night. It also included a very funny costume contest, in oder to choose who was beter dressed for the occasion.

From Crea Congresos we will keep on doing what we most like and working to strengthen the Barcelona brand in the MICE international market.

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